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A Really Cool Business Opportunity

You’ve put in your time, paid your dues, developed your business chops and notched some success onto your belt.

Now you’re ready to be your own boss and leverage your experience and passion to make a real difference, not only in your family’s future but also your neighborhood's.

You’re looking for ways to really connect your strengths with a great concept. You might not know it yet, but owning a BQM Burger Shoppe could be a perfect fit for you.

If you’ve ever visited a BQM Burger Shoppe and tasted our incredibly delicious burgers, then you know what we’re talking about.

If you haven’t visited one of our locations just click the contact us link on our website to find a location near you and get yourself down there because you need to experience it in person. Be prepared to be impressed!

What is BQM Burger Shoppe Anyway?

Its is the incredibly delicious burger that was first served at Queen East 5 years ago.

Since we started in 2007 we have grown to 3 restaurants.

We are restaurateurs and we know how to run our stores. We know what works and what doesn’t, so we can support you as you accelerate your knowledge base so you can move your business forward.

Each location is built upon the principles that made our first store great: friendly, hardworking people serving up simple, high quality food, made surprisingly fast at a reasonable price.

Add to that our wonderfully designed stores with quirky décor, cool art work and awesome music playing make the experience so entertaining and unique.

Our Business Model

BQM Manifesto is the foundation of everything we do. It is a clear expression of our intentions and culture – how we look at the business, how we manage the business and how we plan the business.

We also believe in keeping it simple. We are always looking for ways to take the complexity out of the business, with a focus on being the best place for lunch or dinner.

Our Goal is to create the BQM Nation and we want our customers to feel that we are their neighborhood Burger Shoppe. Building the BQM Nation is done one neighborhood at at time and our franchise program is part of this approach. Our ideal franchisee is someone who wants to run the corner Burger Shoppe and really wants to be part of a neighborhood.

And we have a proven product and experience that will make you proud to own and run the neighborhood Burger Shoppe.

Burger Shoppe Training

Hey, If you are successful then we are successful. That’s the way it works. As a result we support our franchisees with an amazing amount of training, tools and services. Our training program is extensive and includes both classroom instructions and on the job training.

Some of the topics we cover:

  • How to Build and Open Your Burger Shoppe - preparation for opening your new store, store operations covering everything that takes place inside the four walls of a Burger Shoppe.
  • Promoting in your Market - you will be the ambassador for Burger Shoppe in your neighborhood.
  • Front of House – greeting customers and fulfilling expectations
  • Back of House – what goes on in the kitchen and the preparation of delicious burgers.
  • Marketing and Advertising – attracting and keeping customers.
  • Hiring – recruiting and retaining the best employees.
  • Technology – using pos and other systems to mange the business.
  • Ordering and performing inventories.
  • Business Management how to run a sound business
  • Financial Management – keeping costs inline